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Enhance Your News Experience with AI

Stay informed with concise, insightful summaries and detailed bias metrics for a complete understanding of the news landscape.

AI News Augmentation

At EquityAI, our AI News Augmentation feature revolutionizes how you consume news by providing quick, accurate summaries and in-depth metrics.

Main Features

News Summary

Get concise summaries of news articles, saving you valuable time while keeping you informed.

Bias Metrics

Understand the bias of each news article with metrics indicating whether it leans left, right, or remains neutral.

Sector of the News

Identify the sector related to the news article, helping you focus on your areas of interest.

Related Ticker

Discover the relevant stock ticker associated with the news for better investment decisions.

Bullish or Bearish Sentiment

Gauge the market sentiment conveyed in the news, whether it's bullish or bearish.

Time Saved

Track the time you save by using our AI-driven summaries compared to reading full articles.


Know the source of your news with information about the publisher of each article.

AI News Augmentation

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